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VST will be at 2022 GAMMA CLASSIC
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VST will be at 2022 GAMMA CLASSIC

8/5/2022 - 8/7/2022 David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsbugh, PA


In 2021, the GAMMA Pickleball Classic brought in over 800 individuals from around the nation making it the largest event yet. This year the event will be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook. 2022 is the tournament's sixth year and it is expected to grow in attendance as well as awareness with the addition of online match streaming.


The Parkinson Foundation of Western Pennsylvania actively promotes the sport of pickleball as a therapeutic exercise for those diagnosed with the disease. While any exercise is beneficial to Parkinson's patients, the competition and camaraderie of pickleball make it attractive to those struggling to stay on a steady exercise routine. Many play religiously as therapy, to suppress symptoms, allowing them to play long after they are diagnosed. The Parkinson Foundation of Western Pennsylvania seeks to make pickleball the official sport of the Parkinson's community, which is why GAMMA Pickleball is committed to providing some of the proceeds from the GAMMA Pickleball Classic to the Parkinson Foundation of Western PA.

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