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Innovation is at the Core of Everything We Do

Coming Soon, ERNEmax!

ERNEmax is the world’s most innovative, technology driven Pickleball throwing and training machine.

Powered by the Pickleball Training Engine™, ERNEmax can store and execute unlimited shot sequences to help you improve your game with professionally designed drills.  Coaching and instruction is made easy through ERNEmax remote Coaching & Player Recording capabilities.


Product Information


Speed Range, Ball Capacity, Intervals, Oscillation and Evaluation. We meet and more often exceed the industry standards. Where we really excel is leveraging technology to take practice, training, and ultimately your game to a new level! 

Key Features and Benefits


  •  Electronically Controlled Motion:  Control by oscillation and elevation that enables a higher degree in precision, accuracy, and efficiency in delivering shots. Random oscillation and elevation will create a series of shots that NO OTHER machine supports making for a much more dynamic “training session”. 
  •  Environment Sensors:  Monitors temperature and humidity to help determine how shots should be adjusted in order to compensate for weather dynamics.
  •  Software Driven:  Supports many unique features that traditional machines cannot, including Unlimited Shot Sequences, Predefined Drills, Predefined Shots and Game Simulations. Continuous upgrades automatically update to increase functionality and flexibility. 
  •  Traditional and Digital Controls:  Allow users/players/coaches to use either the software to interact with the machine (via the 7” touchscreen) or traditional buttons/knobs/joysticks to interact. This provides users the flexibility to leverage advanced features at their leisure and within their technology comfort level.  
  •  Remote Coaching/Player Recording:  Coaches can watch players and communicate with players in real-time via the camera and bluetooth headset or speakers. Coach and player can even talk to each other while using the machine! Coaches control the machine to create specific drills and shots to accommodate a particular player needs. 
  •  Subscription Service:  Share Drills, shots, and  game simulation online interactions with other users as well as our experts for feedback. More than most, Pickleball is a highly engaging and interactive sport. This additional service allows you to tap into, and be an active part of, our growing VST community.


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